New Soar homepage designed for your needs

Our new homepage is live and more streamlined than ever, making it quicker and easier to find what you need.

November 4, 2021

Our new landing page has just… landed!

Visiting Soar on a web browser will now bring you to a fresh new homepage, complete with a breakdown of features on the platform and resources on how to use it.
Find what you need - fast!
Our goal with this new landing page is to quickly introduce people to Soar and highlight how it can help you with your unique mapping and imagery needs.
The very first thing you’ll see as you land on the page is a selection of the amazing maps and images we have in Soar. Click on any map to jump right into it, or hit the “Launch Soar” button to dive into the platform directly.

One of the new features of this page is that we've separated and simplified the three core sections of Soar: maps, satellites, and drones. Now each has its own dedicated tab in the header bar, letting you focus on what matters. You can quickly switch between the three at any time at the top of the page.
Choose your own adventure
We wanted users to be able to choose their own journey with the design of our home page. There are many ways to use Soar, so we wanted to simplify the process of getting what you need as quickly and easily as possible

For example, if you mainly use Soar for its free satellite imagery, you can head straight to the satellites tab without having to understand or worry about any other tab on the platform. We’ve made it so you can also easily bookmark your favorite tabs to jump straight into action.

Scrolling down the page, we’ve highlighted some of Soar’s core features in beautiful moving imagery. Those features are: discover maps of the world, share your maps instantly, and join our community.
Around the middle of the page, you’ll find maps that are trending on Soar right now. You can click on any of the trending maps to join the discussion on big events occurring around the world.

The landing page also explains a bit more about who we are as a company, and introduces the many incredible people we have in our team. We highlighted this in the
‘About Us’ section near the bottom.
There’s a lot to explore on our new home page. We hope the new design provides a smooth and engaging experience and helps you find what you need quicker than ever before. Take a tour and scroll right through at Soar.