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A digital atlas for the world's maps and imagery

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What is

Soar.Earth is a digital atlas of all the world's maps and imagery. Examples of content include —
satellite imagery, aerial imagery, remote sensing data, drone images, orthomosaics, community content, and more.

Best of all, anyone can contribute.


Discover thousands of incredible aerial images and maps from creators all over the world


Access near real time orbital satellite imagery feeds from our various integrated APIs


Have aerial images or maps? — let's map the world together!

Satellite Imagery Providers

Some of the world's leading satellite imagery providers you can find on Soar.Earth

and more COMING SOON!

Are you an imagery provider? Join the mapping revolution!

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Get ready for an adventure

Much of the content on Soar.Earth is generated by our users. Anyone with maps and imagery can help contribute to a growing super-map of the world. Here's just a small selection of some of the great content you can find.

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