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  • Soar is a cutting edge mapping platform that can integrate multiple resolution imagery feeds from satellite, aerial sensors as well as crowd-sourced drone content.
  • Using blockchain technology to connect and share dynamic mapping data, Soar can not only act as a super-map, but can also be a marketplace for the acquisition of new imagery, as well as an aggregator and repository for imagery analysis from various vendors from across the globe.


Access a wide range of content across satellite, aerial and drone imagery. Choose to purchase in Fiat currency or receive a discount by using our native SkyMap Token (SKYM). Download your purchases immediately.



Drone photographers can sign up, upload and sell their images on Soar whilst retaining 100% ownership of their content and enjoying our low commission rate. Verify all paid transactions on the blockchain.



Exploration has never been so easy. Search the Soar super-map and view everything from daily Sentinel satellite feed to stunning bird's eye view drone photography captured by photographers scattered across the globe.

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Our access to lower altitude satellite, aerial and drone content means we're able to provide customers with clearer, sharper and higher resolution images than other traditional online mapping systems.
Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Giberson Bay, Breckenridge, United States

Giberson Bay, Breckenridge, United States

Quadtree - the Soar mapping engine

The Quadtree mapping system, unlike others in existence today, is able to reach a much greater level of detail to support the imaging resolutions that mapping systems are capable of, including satellites, aerial systems and drones.


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