Satellite Provider CGSTL Coming Soon to Soar!

By: Diana Rodzi

March 16, 2022

Soar is pleased to announce yet another global satellite imagery provider, Chang Guang Satellite Technology Limited (CGSTL), to the platform. Their technology will give users a whole new range of imagery products that can be ordered directly from the platform, including night time light imagery.

CGSTL’s Jilin-1 constellation is made up of 41 high performing satellites, which are able to visit any place in the world 13 to 15 times in a day. This amount of global coverage is able to produce an updated global map once a year, as well as a national map every quarter. 

CGSTL offers imagery in a range of resolutions, and has some unique products that are rare in the commercial satellite imagery market.

These include pansharpened, multispectral, daytime imagery in various resolutions:

  • 50cm pansharpened and 2m 4 band multispectral imagery
  • 75cm pansharpened and 3m 4 band multispectral imagery
  • 1m pansharpened and 4m 4 band multispectral imagery

For those wanting to build high resolution digital surface models (DSM) and digital elevation models (DEM), CGSTL offers stereo imagery collection in 75cm resolution.

Higher resolution multispectral imagery is also offered by CGSTL in 5m resolution, covering a large swath of spectral and near infrared wavelengths across 19 bands. 

Night Time Light imagery is another product offered by CGSTL, which will be available to purchase through Soar and 1m resolution. Historically, night time light imagery was limited to low resolution satellites or images captured by astronauts in the International Space Station. Now with this imagery, all Soar users will be able to explore the world at night in high resolution.
The Jilin-1 constellation is also capable of capturing video at a 1m pan sharpened with 4m, 4-band multispectral video resolution. This form of data is especially useful for those looking to analyze movement on the ground in a short time span.

Screencap of video from Jilin-1 constellation (left) and data taken from movement of vehicles in video (right).

“As Soar continues to grow, partnering with providers like CGSTL means more imagery options for our users and brings us closer to our goal of building the world’s largest digital atlas”, commented Graham Stickler, Soar’s Product Champion. 

“We are constantly working to add more content to our platform, and we’ve been really impressed with the variety of data from CGSTL’s satellites. We believe this partnership represents a valuable addition to Soar for all our users.”

We’re currently onboarding our new provider and Soar users will soon be able to order archive and new imagery from CGSTL directly from the platform. Users will be notified via email when they go live on our platform. If you’re not on the Soar mailing list, subscribe today by registering for a free Soar account.
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