Soar Community Guidelines

Find answers to your questions regarding our community guidelines on the Soar platform.

Soar supports a tolerant and inclusive community for mappers across the globe. We ask that all Soar users respect the rights and views of others.

At Soar, we allow Users to provide high-quality map content to share with other Soar Users across the world. As such it is important to us that you get to view relevant content when visiting Soar.


You may not post content as an image or as a comment on maps uploaded to Soar that:

As such, we ask Soar users to:

Please do not:

Map & Content Guidelines

Map content uploaded to Soar should meet the following guidelines:

Maps that do not meet Soar’s Content Guidelines may be rejected but can be re-uploaded after corrective action is taken on the map to fix any issues.

If you need any more help or information, please have a look at our Help page and the FAQ there.

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