Soar launches Discord Server for GIS and drone community

Join our Discord server: a fun new place for Soar users and the wider mapping community

February 14, 2022

Here at Soar, we’re all about community. Our maps are uploaded by users around the world and our tools are designed to make maps fun and easy to share.

We wanted a live space where the community could come together to talk, share, inspire and create together. That’s why we launched our own Discord server which you can join here.

As soon as you arrive, you can read our rules and select an emoji to get a role assigned to your name. Your role shows your level of experience.

We’ve set up a variety of channels where people can discuss all things mapping, GIS, drones, and off-topic.

Our famous #MapMondays will of course be posted to our discord server each week in the #mapmonday channel.  
You can share tips and tricks for both using Soar and your experience with the wider mapping tools you might have come across in #tips-and-tricks.

We’ve also included a #help-and-resources channel which has dedicated links to our help pages and tutorials.

The GIS community grows bigger every day. We want to help it grow by providing a fun place where everyone can talk about maps, regardless of their experience level. More than anything, we’re eager to engage with you! Our helpful staff are available to chat via Discord, answer your questions and would love to hear any thoughts or feedback you have about Soar.

Come hang out with us today.
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Michael Pearce

Michael is a creative producer for Soar, crafting creative content such as videos, graphics, and social media posts. He has a background in video game development and enjoys spending time with pigeons in the city.

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