Highlighting the world’s best maps: #MapMonday 2021

A look back at this year's MapMondays

December 20, 2021

Halfway through 2021, we made a goal to highlight a map from the mapping community on our social pages every Monday. Naturally, we called this #MapMonday!

Garfield might not be a big fan of Mondays, but we like to think #MapMonday gives the mapping community something to look forward to each week. We love checking in and seeing all the great maps posted.

Eighteen amazing #MapMondays later and we’re at the end of the year. Before we begin our holiday break, we thought we’d take a moment to look back, remember, and celebrate the maps this great community has brought us.

Watch our full compilation of 2021’s #MapMondays below.
For the final #MapMonday of 2021, we thought the best way to end the year was with a traditional geological map.
It’s been quite a year! Thank you to the incredible community on Soar for bringing your A-Game to the platform. This year, you uploaded some exceptional maps, which we’ve loved celebrating, and we hope you’ve loved exploring. We hope to see even more of your amazing work in the new year. Keep uploading for a chance to be featured for our 2022 #MapMondays.

We’ll see you for another #MapMonday year-summary, 52 Mondays into 2022!
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