Meet our very own 50cm high resolution click and collect satellite imagery. Lowest price per sq km on both newly tasked and archival imagery, anywhere in the world.

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Introducing SkyMap50

SkyMap50 is our personally branded wholesale satellite imagery product offered at a high-resolution of 50cm. Using our state of the art "click-and-collect" system you simply select your chosen area of interest, enter your payment information, then sit back and relax as we do the rest.

Doha, Qatar

Great price, unbeatable value

SkyMap50 imagery is competitively priced at US$13/km² for newly tasked imagery and US$9/km² for archival imagery. This makes SkyMap50 the lowest cost imagery available on the market and a great solution whether your budget is big or small.

Instant payment by credit card.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Product specs

We deliver your processed SkyMap50 imagery order directly into your Soar account as:

  • Pixel resolution: 50cmNatural colour corrected
  • Display: Natural colour (RGB)
  • Projection: WGS84 GEODETIC only
  • Arrangement: Mosaiced from multiple dates if required
  • File format: GeoTIFF only

No expensive third-party software is required. As soon as your imagery becomes available you’ll be able to view it instantly and privately from your Soar account.

Canberra, Australia

Sample imagery

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  • Orbit
    Altitude: 530 km
    Type: Sun-synchronous
    Period: 97 minutes
  • Design Life
    8 years
  • Mass
    560 kg
  • Sensor Bands
    Panchromatic: 450-890 nm
    4 Multispectral:
    Blue: 450-520 nm
    Green: 520-590 nm
    Red: 630-690 nm
    Near-IR: 770-890 nm
  • Pixel Resolution
    Panchromatic: 50 cm
    Multispectral: 2 m
  • Scene Swath Width
    12 km
  • Onboard Storage
    2.0 TB
  • Revisit Time
    2 days (4x satellites)
  • Data Transmission
    2 + 450 Mbps


  1. How much does SkyMap50 imagery cost?
    SkyMap50 images are available as new collect and archival (historical) imagery. New collection imagery is priced at US$12/km² (minimum purchase is 50km²). Archival imagery is priced at US$7/km² (minimum purchase is 28km²).
  2. What's different about SkyMap50?
    What is novel about our 'click and collect' approach to satellite imagery is that unlike other providers the pricing is open, transparent and the pricing is pay as you go. We found that many suppliers have large lock-ins, large minimum orders, and complicated licensing conditions. Furthermore, the delivered scenes are often in 'bundles' meaning you need specialised software to collate, colour and mosaic. Via Soar.Earth your SkyMap50 imagery is delivered like Google Earth as a natural colour image. SkyMap50 can be your eye in the sky!
  3. How quickly is the imagery delivered?
    Archival imagery orders can take between 2 to 5 working days to process.
    New collect imagery order can take anywhere from a few working days through to months, depending on cloud cover. For example, if your area of interest is in a tropical location, it maybe covered in cloud for many months of the year making taking images from satellites extremely difficult.
    The stated delivery times are just a guide however and each will be different according to each order location and size.
  4. What is the maximum cloud cover allowed in SkyMap50 imagery?
    Archival imagery orders can choose whichever level of cloud cover you like. You can use the image previews as an indicator. However with new collect imagery, the maximum allowable cloud in your order is 15%. This includes shadows, haze and smoke - so you can be rest assured that 85% of your order will be cloud free. If your order has more than 15% cloud cover, we will re-fly the area for you for no extra charge until the 15% cut off is achieved.
  5. Is there a super-fast express service for emergencies or rapid collection?
    Yes! We have a very special product called 'SkyMap50EXP' which is a 100% guaranteed 24 hour turn around product which is available on any working day. This product can be used by news agencies, mining companies and security organisations that require super-fast turn around times. The price is US$50/km2 with a minimum purchase of 50km2. This is almost 10 times cheaper than the nearest competitive product in the marketplace. Beware however, that there is no cloud cover maximum with this product. If you choose to use this service, whatever cloud covers your area of interest at the time of capture, that is your final image. There are no refunds.
  6. Can you provide real time satellite imagery?
    Unfortunately, there is actually no 'real-time' satellite imagery available to non-military customers. There is however near real-time which is delayed between 24 and 72 hours depending on the orbitology. For example, if you were ordering a one off image, maximum scene size of 12 km x 12 km it would take about 48 to 72 hours. But if it was constant monitoring of a location, it can be imaged and delivered every 24 hrs into your Soar.Earth account. Many satellite companies offer daily coverage but this is a marketing gimmick as the actual turn around time to your access can vary up to a week. Moreover, you would have to pay a minimum collect fee of about $5,000. With SkyMap50 the pricing of $12km² is standard and capped.
  7. Can I order an image for a specific date and time of day?
    No. SkyMap50 constellation includes four satellites providing once daily global coverage. Images are usually captured between 10AM to noon local time every day.
  8. Can I order a night-time collection?
    SkyMap50 satellites are positioned so they are sun-synchronous. Meaning they only orbit areas that have the sun shining on them at any one time. You will not be able to obtain night time images.
  9. Is it possible to be able to image a person?
    Unfortunately this is not achievable using commercially available satellites. Humans are not distinguishable using even the highest resolution satellites available to the general public.
  10. Can you provide historical satellite videos?
    No. The SkyMap50 satellite is not a video capable satellite.
  11. Can you provide an RPC or ground control points?
    An RPC file can be provided with your SkyMap50 order on request. There is an additional service charge.
  12. Can you provide imagery in multiple bands?
    Yes, multiple bands can be provided with your SkyMap50 order on request. There is an additional service charge..
  13. Can I search for satellite imagery by address?
    To find your location, key in the exact address in the search bar of Soar.Earth (upper left of website). Wait a few seconds for the search to locate a list of possible matches then click on the correct result to show your location. Then click on the satellites tab and choose SkyMap50. From there you can either choose archival imagery to purchase or you can book an acquisition for the next satellite pass with a new collect..
  14. How do I purchase SkyMap50 high resolution satellite imagery?
    You can purchase SkyMap50 high resolution satellite imagery directly on Soar. Watch our YouTube tutorial videos on how to search for and order archival imagery and new collect imagery..

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