Launched by NASA and the USGS, Landsat-8 offers 30m resolution satellite imagery across the globe. Thanks to Soar, you can access it for free.

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We've integrated Landsat-8 imagery into Soar for you to access for free. Download any satellite image as a GeoTIFF file straight to your desktop, or send imagery straight to social media using a share link.

Karratha, Australia

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With Landsat-8 you'll be able to image anywhere on Earth at 30m/pixel resolution. Filter your imagery by date. There's a whole world waiting to be discovered.

Namib Desert, Namibia

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  • Orbit
    Altitude: 705 km
    Type: Sun-synchronous
    Period: 99 minutes
  • Design Life
    10 years
  • Mass
    1,512 kg
  • Sensor Bands
    Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 (Visible)
    Bands 5, 9 (Near Infrared)
    Bands 6, 7 (Short Wave Infrared)
    Bands 10, 11 (Thermal Infrared TIRS)
  • Pixel Resolution
    Panchromatic: 15 m
    Visible: 30 m
    Thermal: 100 m
  • Scene Swath Width
    185 km
  • Onboard Storage
    3.14 TB
  • Revisit Time
    16 days
  • Data Transmission
    384 Mbps

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