Earn passive income from your drone imagery as you help us map the world.


30% commission

You earn 70% on each digital image sale at all times. The remaining 30% is used to cover transaction fees and our cut.


Free* storage

Enjoy FREE storage and unlimited submissions using our image uploader. *Additional storage costs may apply for our Soar subdomain product.


Map your piece of the world

Soar allows you to play a unique role in this new age of digital exploration by contributing your imagery to a living super-map of the world.

Greater value for your images

Our lower commission rate puts more money in your pocket.
Soar provides you with 70% commission on all your digital image sales

Don't just take our word for it

These drone pilots have made sales on Soar.
Read what they have to say ...

Ryan Le Corre

Firefly Drones
"The idea of this platform is amazing and gives drone users from all over the world a chance to share their shots and allow people to enjoy them from every inch of the world!"

Craig Yarker

"The whole concept is fantastic. Everyone is a winner. Soar get the images they need, cutomers get the images they want & drone pilots get revenue for their effort."

Jacob Foley

"I love what you guys are doing!"

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