Soar History

Soar began its evolution in the Australian outback in 2012 after several high-profile mining companies requested the development of a mapping engine which could work on mobile devices, offline, and in remote locations.

After two years of research and development, Soar was adopted for defense and security applications and the technology underwent significant operational testing. The focus of this testing was to build a robust mapping platform that could handle any form of content and maintain key functionality on the blockchain.

In 2017, the technology behind Soar was released for civilian use with a focus on broader applications allowing Soar to start building the world’s first global super-map.


Amir Farhand

CEO & Geospatial Expert

Proven entrepreneur and innovator with over 15 years of geospatial technology expertise including the development and commercialisation of various satellite and imaging processes. Since 2015, Amir has worked closely with blockchain technologies in bringing mapping to the masses using existing systems such as satellites and drones.

Guy Perkins

Non-Executive Director

A stalwart and renowned name in the field of geospatial technology over 25 years experience key management positions at global organisations including ESRI (the world biggest mapping company), MapInfo, ER Mapper and Hexagon. Guy has recently co-founded aerial imaging technology companies, NearMap (valued at $600M) and Spookfish (recently acquired for $136M).

Phil Carulli

Non-Executive Director

A chartered accountant with almost 20 years’ experience working in public practice and corporate accounting and director of Optima Financial Group, providing taxation, business and corporate services to a diverse range of businesses in Australia.


Rick Revelins

Peregrine Corporate

Tommy Shin

Lateral Capital Ventures

Sales & Operations

Neil Prentice

Chief Operating Officer

Jim Jin

Asia Manager

Col. James Rhetta (Ret)

Projects - USA

Yuanqing Jiang

Projects - China

Monique Lai

Customer Onboarding Manager

Sophia Hill


Abhi Anand



Chris Lowe

Chief Technology Officer

Marek Tlacbaba

Head Engineer

Byron Hammond

Senior Engineer

Alasdair Penman



Darren Smith

Geospatial Expert

Colby Bignell

Geospatial Expert

Michael McDonald

Geospatial Expert


Tim Glover

Head of Brand

Dan Anderson


Charlotte Zhu


Filipe Figueiredo

Community Coordinator


Partners & Collaborations